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Headmaster's Update

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    The KES Photographic Competition is now open for entries from pupils, parents and staff across the School.  This year's competition focuses on the natural world, and the deadline for submissions is 30 October. 

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    Follow @KESBathYear7 for news on Year 7 as they begin their journey in the Senior School.


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    We were delighted to welcome best-selling author, Frances Hardinge, to school recently to speak to Year 9 and 10 pupils about her new novel, A Skinful of Shadows, her first book since the Costa Award-winning The Lie Tree.

    Sports Highlights

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    Netball and Rugby tour to South Africa

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        As we approach the half term holiday, many KES pupils are away on to trips to Germany, as part of our annual exchange programme, and further afield to China.  It is no coincidence that I top and tail this update with news of our travels; broadening horizons, be they from an educational, geographical or cultural perspective, is at the heart of the distinctive and stimulating education on offer at KES.

        I wish all our pupils - and their families - a wonderful half term break.

        With warm regards



        Martin J Boden