King Edward's School BATH

Pre-Prep and Junior School outdoor learning and play

An inspiring setting in which to begin school life

With an outdoor focus that starts at the Pre-Prep and continues at the Junior School, the natural environment here at King Edward's provides space for play and serves as an extension of the classroom as learning flows seamlessly between indoors and outdoors.

We would be very grateful for your help in creating new outdoor spaces which will substantially enhance so many aspects of the children's development and well-being.


At the Pre-Prep we are planning to put in place an all-weather pitch, so providing additional play space for the children, as well as an enhanced setting for curriculum sport, that be used whatever the weather.




Junior School
For Junior School pupils, we would like to create a trail that links outdoor play and study areas, including the dipping pond and sensory garden, and supplement the route with outdoor activities such as a den-making area, bug-zone and quiet spaces.



Thank you for your consideration.
If you would like to discuss any of the projects individually, please contact the Heads of each School or Karen Teague, Development Director:

Thank you again.