King Edward's School BATH

Physical Education

Academic Physical Education is currently taught at GCSE, AS and A2 level. It is a fascinating subject which examines the physiological, psychological, sociological and technological issues that affect sport and physical activity in a wide range of settings.

The subject has a firm grounding in science, with a significant amount of Biology applied to the physical activity setting. Pupils learn how the body responds and adapts physically to exercise. Close analysis of the respiratory, cardiovascular, dietary, skeletal and muscular systems gives pupils a real insight into how our body is stressed during exercise and what can be done to improve the efficient functioning of each of these systems.

Psychological aspects of sports performance are also studied, with topics such as confidence, arousal, aggression, anxiety and motivation analysed so that pupils can see the significant impact that these can have on sporting performance. There is also a detailed look at how we use the brain to learn and adapt new skills and how we apply them in sporting situations.

Pupils are encouraged to apply this knowledge to their own sporting exploits as much as possible, so that they benefit from their increased knowledge in the sports arena.

The third aspect of the course looks at the more social and technological aspects that affect participation in sport. This enables pupils to look at interesting and current issues such as equality and discrimination, the effect of drugs in sport, the impact of the media and sponsorship and how technological advances are changing the sporting world.

Pupils will experience throughout their course the opportunity to undertake fitness testing in a laboratory setting, question an elite athlete and experience hydrotherapy and ice baths through an 'Elite Training Day' at the University of Bath or Cardiff University.

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