King Edward's School BATH

Independent Schools' inspectorate report

We were delighted to receive the ISI (Independent Schools’ Inspectorate) report following the inspection visit at the end of December 2014 and to be judged as ‘excellent’ across all eight aspects of school life under review. We were particularly pleased that, after a relatively short period, the inspectors emerged with a real understanding of what makes King Edward’s tick – its ethos and ‘feel’, the dynamics of the relationships, and the structures and opportunities which enable the pupils to grow, flourish and succeed.

Headmaster, Mr Boden, expressed his pleasure on receiving the report, saying, “The full report reads to me as a genuine reflection of the School that I know well and am very proud to lead. It also stands as testimony to the hard work and team effort – from teaching and support staff, pupils, parents and governors – that help to make King Edward’s such a thriving and successful school.”

The inspectors’ final judgements in each case are highlighted below.

Inspection Focus Judgement

The Success of the School

Excellent - The success of the school lies in the strength of the ethos which permeates it from the Early Years Foundation Stage to the sixth form. All sections of the school encourage the pupils to strive for excellence and to achieve to the best of their ability in a stimulating environment so that they acquire a love of learning which goes beyond the formal curriculum.

The Quality of Pupils’ Learning and Achievements

Excellent - Throughout the three schools the pupils successfully achieve the school's aims that each pupil should fulfil his or her own personal academic, sporting, creative and cultural potential.

Curricular and Extra-curricular Provision

Excellent - The curriculum achieves the school's aim of providing a stimulating and challenging environment for pupils. Throughout the school it provides effectively for the acquisition of skills in literacy and numeracy and offers ample opportunity for pupils to participate in creative, aesthetic, and physical activities.

The school's extra-curricular provision is outstanding. At all ages numerous opportunities are provided at home and abroad to fulfil the school's aim for the pupils to acquire a passion for discovery and adventure.

The Contribution of Teaching

Excellent - Relationships between the pupils and staff are excellent and a sense of mutual respect and academic rigour prevails. The teaching staff have high levels of subject knowledge and, in many cases, passion for their subjects and teaching.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of Pupils

Excellent - Through the quality of their art, music and drama pupils show an ability to express themselves eloquently from an early age. They are self-confident but their lack of arrogance testifies to their appreciation of valuable personal qualities. They are friendly, courteous and solicitous for others.

The Quality of Pastoral Care and the Welfare, Health and Safety of Pupils

Excellent - Pastoral care is a particular strength of the school. It fully meets its aims in offering a strong, caring and supportive pastoral framework, working closely with parents, to ensure that pupils are safe and happy and that all members of the community feel respected and valued.

The Quality of Governance

Excellent - A regular audit ensures that the governing body has access to a range of valuable skills which can be called upon for the benefit of the school. A fifteen year plan demonstrates their perceptive long-term thinking and concern that sufficient resources be found to support the vision for the future.

The Quality of Leadership and Management

Excellent - While all three schools share an ethos, there is a clear vision in each of how it can serve the needs of its particular age group. The strong leadership sets a tone, of friendliness and approachability, a passion to care for individuals and work attitudes where meticulous attention is paid to detail.