King Edward's School BATH


King Edward’s Junior School boasts a rich and stimulating curriculum where academic excellence is balanced with a wealth of exciting co-curricular opportunities. Our children have an appetite for learning and we encourage them to set their sights high as they pursue academic life and all that the School has to offer across sport, drama, art and music.

Each day offers a new challenge, and learning at the school is a journey of discovery both in and out of the classroom. We believe our children do well at school because they are happy and well supported. Dedicated and inspiring teachers engage and enthuse their classes, while our outstanding pastoral care provides individual support for each child, enabling them to flourish and grow.

As they progress through Junior School our children gain confidence and self-esteem, maximising their potential as they take pride in their achievements and make the most of school life. Just as important is their respect and empathy for others and a sense of responsibility both for themselves and for others in the school community. 

There is so much going on at King Edward’s Junior School on a daily basis that the only true way of appreciating the school’s inspiring atmosphere is to come and see for yourselves and meet our teachers and children. We hope you will visit soon.

Greg Taylor
Head of the Junior School

Pupils show an excellent attitude towards learning.  They are highly motivated, curious and reflective.

isi report 2015.

KES feels like a happy school.

Good Schools review 2015.