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At a school as extraordinary as King Edward's, life is full of surprises and opportunities to learn. The priority is that all the children are happy, valued, respected and appreciated for who they are and for what they bring to the community. It is challenging, but rewarding; disciplined, but with freedom for the individual to thrive; high achieving, but holistic; and creative, but with a real focus on each child’s development.

Children are expected to enquire, to be curious, to question and be questioned, to work successfully as individuals and as part of a team, to be inspired and enthused with the opportunities on offer, to develop skills for today which will also prepare them for tomorrow, to develop an awareness of the community and wider world in which they live in, to harness their potential, and to engage in developing the so called ‘soft’ skills which are so important in the ever changing and demanding future workplace.

So life here is so much more than just academic success; it is about educating children to be the adults of tomorrow. To be confident, articulate individuals who know their own strengths and are also aware of their weaknesses; who are prepared to work hard and are ready to face the challenges of the diverse world they will enter.

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Pastoral care is a particular strength of the school.




Normal hours are from 8.35am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Children may arrive at the Junior School from 8.00am onwards and after school supervision is available until 6.00pm each day.

From 8.00am to 8.15am children will be supervised by a member of the Junior School in the Dining room and from 8.15am to 8.30am they are allowed outside for supervised play.

At the end of the day children may be met at the Junior School or at the Middle entrance, where a school crossing patrol and a member of the Junior School staff is in place to allow children to reach their parents on the other side of North Road in safety.

A member of the Junior School staff will remain at the middle entrance until 4.20pm to ensure that all children have been collected. Any remaining pupils will then be brought back to the Junior School and booked into After-School Club.




Tudor Rose badges are awarded during the course of Year 6 to any pupil whose behaviour, consideration of others and all-round example is consistently deserving of recognition.

To earn this badge they must demonstrate that they are trustworthy, understanding, determined, organised and respectful. Children may apply for their badge at any time during Year 6 by writing a formal letter of application to Mrs Hardware, Pastoral Deputy Head, outlining their qualities. This is then discussed with all staff members before a decision is made. Once agreed, the badges are awarded at an assembly. Privileges given for such badges include being tour guides, buddies for younger children, organising ‘Thrilling Thursdays’, presenting whole school assemblies, weekly meetings working the Pastoral Deputy Head on strategic changes related to the pastoral and behavior systems (supported by Year 13 prefects) and supporting the day to day running of the school.


The Award was established to create a dynamic and interesting learning experience in the Spring and Summer Terms for all Year 6 children. It is integrated with the curriculum to inspire the children to produce their very best work in a range of areas.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate their achievements outside the academic studies in school. The four strands involved are: academic, physical, citizenship and art. In working towards the award, the children experience many different activities, including designing and publishing their own storybooks, reading them to local primary schools, a Science Fair project, History project, life skills, camping, creative week and the infamous Dragons’ Den experience, which involves budgeting and (hopefully), making a profit!

The main objective is to recognise individual effort in the different strands of the award, whether that is the effort applied when working on the actual project or the effort put in when working with peers. It creates opportunities and experiences which the children might not normally have, learning new skills and developing determination and perseverance to overcome the challenges that may face them. This in turn, helps to build their confidence and self-esteem, preparing them just that little bit more for their future.

I loved preparing for the Personal Award Scheme because I was proud of all I have achieved since I have been at the Junior School.

citation: KATIE



The School Council body at the Junior School is made up of two representatives from each form group (one boy and one girl). They are elected through a democratic voting system at the beginning of each term. They are then presented with their badges during an assembly and are welcomed into the Council.

The incoming council body helps to choose the Junior School charities for that year and to help support and promote these charities where possible by assisting with assemblies, making posters and displays etc. School Council members attend weekly meetings run by the Pastoral Deputy Head and become involved in many aspects of school life. They help to make choices and suggestions about items such as the school playground, equipment, classroom wet break games and competitions. They provide feedback on what has been discussed at form meetings during PSHEE lessons and bring new suggestions to subsequent meetings.

The School Council is also responsible for organising and co-ordinating fundraising events within their own form and for one off events, such as Red Nose Day and Castle Combe Cycling in aid of Julian House. Being a school council member is a position of responsibility, and pupils are expected to uphold the Junior School values of charitable spirit and citizenship within the wider community and to wear their badge with pride.

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