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On joining the Sixth Form you will become part of one of our tutor groups, each consisting of pupils drawn from Years 12 and 13. This ensures that you have the opportunity to meet and learn from people beyond your own year group and from those who have trodden a similar pathway before you.

This vertical structure enables both the sharing of academic wisdom as well as early social integration, and it is likely that a tutor group outing will be arranged before your feet have touched the ground! Tutor groups normally consist of around 16 pupils.

Although your own tutor will always be your first ‘port of call’ for questions and support, you will also be assisted by three senior tutors and the Head of Sixth Form.

This team of staff takes pride in quickly getting to know pupils and their individual strengths. They will look to support and challenge you appropriately so that you can take full advantage of your time in the Sixth Form.

Independence and responsibility are nurtured while self-reflection, empathy and emotional intelligence are part of our varied Learning for Life programme which, with the help of thought-provoking speakers, also looks at the pupils’ role in shaping our community and society in the years ahead.


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