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2024-2025 SCHEDULE OF Fees

Pre-Prep, Junior and Senior School tuition fees and charges FROM SEPTEMBER 2024

Please note: All of our current fees are subject to changes in legislation, most notably in relation to VAT.

Pre-Prep Cost
Nursery – morning session £40 per session
Nursery – lunch £6.20 per session
Nursery – afternoon £35 per session
Nursery – all day (incl. lunch) £75 per day
Nursery (full time including lunch) £3,495 per term
Reception (including lunch) £4,240 per term
Year 1 (including lunch) £4,240 per term
Year 2 (including lunch) £4,240 per term
Junior School Cost per term
Years 3 to 6 £4,695
Senior School Cost per term
Years 7 to 11 £5,935per term
Years 12 and 13 £6,040 per term


additional charges 2024-25

Instrumental Music Tuition Fees (30 minute lessons)
Termly Charge (11 lessons per term) £325 Per Term
New to an instrument introductory taster (6 lessons, reduced charge) £100
Instrumental hire charge per term is £75
Autumn Term £330
Spring Term £300
Summer Term £265
1 hour lessons £50
LAMDA FEES (30-minute lessons)
Individual lesson £34
Shared lesson £27
Before School Care: 8.00am - 8.30am £2 per session

After School Care: Session 1: 3.30pm - 4.30pm and/or Session 2: 4.30pm - 5.45pm

£4 per session
Junior School
4.30pm-6.00pm £2 per half hour session


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer sibling discounts?
We do not offer sibling discounts; however, we do consider any siblings at the School when assessing applications for means-tested bursaries.
When are fees due?
Invoices are sent out approximately four weeks prior to the start of each term. Payment is due by the first day of term.
What options do I have for paying school fees?
The preferred method of paying school fees is by termly Direct Debit. If you wish to discuss paying fees by direct bank transfer or an alternative instalment plan, please contact our Accounts department.
Does the School offer any insurance plans?

Fee Insurance: The School operates an ‘opt-in’ policy for the School Fee Protection Scheme. The premium charged for this cover is 0.73% of termly fees. This is to safeguard the fees paid by parents in the event of the absence of a pupil through illness or accident. Fee Insurance does not cover a claim caused by, or relating to, pandemics (including Covid-19). The governors’ policy is that refunds cannot be given other than through the Protection Scheme.

Personal Accident Insurance: All pupils are automatically insured for personal accident for 365 days of the year through a scheme operated by Chubb insurers.

Insurance of Pupils’ Property: Parents are strongly advised to arrange an extension of their household contents policy to cover their child’s clothes, personal effects, bicycles etc while at school, as these are not covered by the School’s own insurance policy.

Do you offer a ‘Fees in Advance Scheme’?

The School does operate a fees in advance (FIA) scheme for parents whose children are in the School and who would like to consider paying for future terms' fees in advance.

If any parent would like to know more about our FIA scheme, they can email Dave Clipson in our Finance Team to obtain more details on this.