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Bringing your child to King Edward’s School for their education represents a significant financial commitment. The School recognises this commitment and has a long history of supporting pupils who would benefit from an education at our Senior School but whose families require financial assistance to do so. 

Financial support is provided through the School’s means-tested bursary programme, which is at the heart of our ethos and charitable purpose today. In the current academic year (2023-24), King Edward’s provided almost £1.3 million of means-tested bursary support, with around 20% of pupils in the Senior School in receipt of a bursary.

Year 7 (Entrance) Bursaries
In a typical year, up to thirty pupils may be awarded bursaries, with the majority of these providing support of between 40% and 100% of the School fees. All pupils applying to join the School in Year 7, both from our own Junior School and external schools, are eligible to apply.
Year 12 (Sixth Form) Bursaries
For those joining in the Sixth Form (Year 12), approximately five pupils are awarded bursaries; again, awards of up to 100% may be available.

For all enquiries relating to bursaries, please contact the Bursar’s Office, either by email or by phone on 01225 464313


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for bursary assistance?

There is no definitive income level at which bursaries are awarded. The level of award determined is based on assessment of a family’s financial circumstances, including their income, assets, liabilities, major outgoings, the size of their family and any other persons dependent on them. Where there is over-subscription, awards will take into account an applicant’s academic performance and potential and their ability to make contributions to the wider life of the School.

All assessments and awards are determined jointly by the Headmaster and Bursar, and decisions are communicated at the same time as the offer of a place at the School.

How do I apply for a bursary?
When completing the online application form for a school place, please select ‘I would like to apply for a bursary’. You will then be sent a bursary application form along with guidance on how to complete the bursary form.
Is the bursary award maintained throughout a pupil’s time at the School?
All bursaries are subject to annual review and may be varied up or down if parents’ financial circumstances alter, but this will always be done in discussion and consultation with parents. Whilst the School endeavours to increase the bursary award proportionately in line with year-on-year fee increases, this is dependent on the School’s financial circumstances and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
If I am in receipt of a bursary, can I also get help with other school costs?
In addition to providing financial support in relation to fees, the School may also be able to provide further assistance to bursary recipients towards meeting other costs such as lunches, purchasing uniform or certain school trips.
What is the deadline for applying for a bursary for 2025 entry?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications for bursaries after the main school applications have closed. The bursary application deadlines for 2025 entry are:

  • Year 12 applicants - 25 October 2024
  • Year 7 (For King Edward’s Junior School applicants) - 25 October 2024
  • Year 7 (For External applicants) - 25 November 2024
Do you offer bursaries for entry into Junior School or Years 8, 9 and 10?
At present, means-tested bursary awards are restricted to pupils joining Year 7 and Year 12 only.



Year 7 is our main entry point for the Senior School. Applicants from both our Junior School and from external schools may be considered for a Scholarship and/or Award.
Special Talent Awards

Special Talent Awards may be offered to children who demonstrate outstanding talent in Art, Drama, Music or Sport. Adwards attract a fee remission of 5%, payable until the end of Year 11, subject to continued strong performance and contribution to school life in the relevant subject area. 

Full details regarding eligibility, application and assessment can be found in our Special Talent Leaflet 2025.


Academic Scholarships
Academic Scholarships are awarded to those pupils who excel in the main Year 7 Entrance Examinations in January. There is no separate Scholarship examination. Academic Scholarships attract a fee remission of 10%.Families do not need to apply for these.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Scholarships and Awards maintained throughout a pupil’s time at the School?
Both Academic Scholarships and Special Talent Awards are payable each year up to the end of GCSEs in Year 11, subject to continued strong academic performance. Families do not need to apply for these.
Can a pupil be considered for Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries?
A pupil may hold both an Academic Scholarship and a Special Talent Award and may also apply for a means-tested bursary.
Do you offer Scholarships and Awards for entry into any other year groups?
At present, Scholarships and Awards are restricted to pupils joining Years 7. Pupils applying for Year 12 entry, can apply for a means-tested bursary.