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The Junior School co-curricular programme is varied, broad and exciting, creating opportunities for the children to increase their knowledge, to pursue their interests and talents, to stimulate passions or simply to try something new. 

Having many different experiences helps to broaden and challenge the mind and the body and supports each child’s all-round development. The trips, visits and numerous visitors to School enrich the classroom experiences, providing openings to develop and question current knowledge and understanding.

Vibrant and enriching links with the community support the curriculum and enhance our pupils' learning. The Junior School is actively involved in the local community through a range of partnerships, charity events, fundraising and more. Children are encouraged to be ‘active citizens’ within their own community.


A typical week for a pupil at our Junior School offers them a range of physical, creative, environmental, technological and many other challenges, through a rich programme of extracurricular clubs, teams and experiences. From building a kit car to race against other teams to restoring the habitat in our pond area, the opportunities are designed to appeal to all passions, interests and personalities.

Pupils playing chessWithin the clubs and activities, there is the opportunity to develop performance skills in a different way than in regular English, Drama and Music lessons; children are able to pursue their passions, working on group drama, dance and gymnastics routines or productions, or musical repertory to be shared with the whole school through assemblies, concerts, recitals and community events. 

Many clubs and activities also give children the chance to try out a range of sports beyond the traditional PE curriculum. From fencing to table tennis, chess to gymnastics, children are able to enjoy many opportunities to explore new and different pathways.

The school year ends with our fabulous Activities Week which takes the children out of the classroom and on to adventures in Dorset, Devon and France, providing scope for new challenges, new friendships and a new view on the world. The children get to carry out fieldwork relating to their geography, science, history and language studies, whilst also engaging in activities that can only work outdoors in a new environment.



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