Careers News in the summer term

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careers news in the summer term


This has been another busy term for the Careers programme at KES, with Year 7 pupils undertaking their first Careers Day, which had a focus on Careers in Science.  

 OptimizedImage,Optimized,news,seniorWe welcomed in Pulse CSI, who guided our pupils through a variety of forensic science tasks before exploring a murder mystery in the afternoon using the techniques they had acquired. This was rounded off by a talk from renowned Scientist and KES parent, Dr Jag Shur, who emphasised the huge variety of applications of Science and the variety of ways in which a career in Science could be fascinating and useful in the future. This day forms part of the deep dive Career days (including Careers in Law in Year 8 and Careers in Business & Entrepreneurship in Year 9), which allow our pupils to enhance their knowledge of the pathways open to them.

Year 10 pupils had the opportunity to undertake Morrisby assessments this term, which aim to give them a clearer picture of the direction they may wish to pursue in the future and the choices they may like to make as they move towards A Level decision-making. This was followed by a CV writing session, encouraging pupils to understand the different types of CV, how they can best create their first CV and how to recognise their own skills. In the afternoon, the Year 10 cohort was joined by motivational speaker, Junior Saunders, who encouraged resilience, independence and adopting a growth mindset as they move into Year 11. This was extremely well-received by the year group, with one pupil saying: ‘His energy and enthusiasm was amazing, and he made all of us laugh throughout the whole presentation and made the two hours fly by. I also found the opportunity to go up in front of everyone challenging and would never normally do it, yet he made me and lots of others feel comfortable and confident enough to talk about our own experiences in front of our year group.’

We ended this term with nearly 110 pupils from Year 11 and 12 out on work experience last week. We engaged with a huge variety of employers across the country, with pupils learning about Finance, Astrophysics, Fashion, Education, Law, Biotech, IT and many, many others. A small team visited pupils during the week and gained feedback from employers and employees, with our pupils being praised for their strong work ethic, proactivity, punctuality and professionalism. 

As ever, we could not complete our work within the Careers programme without the help of parents, Old Edwardians and businesses that provide so generously of their time for our pupils. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the programme this year.