Nursery Visit Avon Fire & Rescue Service

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Nursery enjoyed a very exciting first day back after half term today, visiting Avon Fire & Rescue Service as part of their 'People Who Look After Us' topic.

Having already learned about the role of doctors, where learning activities included making their own doctors’ kits, creating handprint x-rays, and administering First Aid to teddies, it was time to find out about the police and firefighters.

Role-play activities are a huge part of learning in Nursery. The children listened to the story of Cops and Robbers, dressed up as Grandma Swag and tore off around the Nursery Garden with the police in hot pursuit! Learning about firefighters has been just as much fun and included today's trip to an actual fire station. The children used water squirters to shoot number flames, practised cutting skills and made paper fire trucks, and even had a go using a real hosepipe!

Thank you to everyone at Avon Fire & Rescue Service for showing us what your jobs involve.  

To complete their topic, Nursery will also learn about postal workers.