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Our Nursery offers an exciting and stimulating world in which to start school life and is the first step in a child's learning journey at King Edward's. A caring and nurturing approach ensures that each child thrives and develops a real joy of learning. In our Nursery you will see happy and independent children. Spontaneity and fun are evident and echoed by the happy hum of children's conversations.

Children can join the Nursery for their pre-school year in the September after they turn three years old. Prior to starting at the Nursery, children are informally evaluated in small groups during stay and play sessions. Experienced staff support the children as they play, reading stories, using the construction equipment and even holding tea parties!

If you are interested in sending your child to our Nursery or would like to arrange a visit to see for yourself what makes our Nursery so special, please contact our admissions team on 01225 820399 or email: [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you.

Please note that the Nursery provision at KES is term-time only.

Our Nursery Leaflet

Click the link below to view our Nursery leaflet, to read more about our offering for your child's pre-school year at KES.



Our Nursery Facilities

With its own dedicated space, set within the grounds of King Edward's Pre-Prep, our Nursery offers an inviting indoor and outdoor environment that has been designed to encourage exploration, creativity and independence. Three light and airy indoor spaces provide free-flow movement and access to the Nursery's dedicated and flexible outdoor space, with its mix of investigation areas including a sandpit, stage and dressing up corner, raised beds for growing plants and vegetables, climbing area and mud kitchen.

Our Nursery children are very much a part of the Pre-Prep School, and use its wider facilities including a Sports Hall, Art Room and Library, as well as enjoying all the special visitors and events that take place at Pre-Prep including Book Week, Sports Day and the Christmas Nativity and Summer Performances.


Our Nursery Team

The Nursery is run an experienced Early Years teacher, supported by teaching assistants, who all have an excellent understanding of how young children develop.  Our staff develop strong relationships with the children and are attuned to their interests and development, whilst a low child to adult ratio ensures we are able to support and extend each child’s all-round development.  

In addition to the Nursery team, specialist teachers in Music, Dance, PE and Forest School enhance your child’s learning.


A Family Focused Approach

We believe working in close partnership with parents is paramount to a child’s success.  A home visit before your child joins us in Nursery gives everyone an opportunity to get to know one another in an environment where your child feels safe and secure.  It also provides you with an opportunity to share information about your child and for us to explain what happens in the Nursery and to answer any queries or concerns you may have.  We have found that the home visits are a very positive experience, often recalled by the children, who frequently ask if we can visit their home again!

When your child starts they will be assigned a Key Person who will work in close partnership with you to ensure your son or daughter feel happy and safe as they settle in and become familiar with the day to day routines of Nursery.

We continue to develop our relationship with parents in a number of ways during the Nursery year.  We offer an open-door policy and we encourage a daily dialogue between staff and parents at drop off and pick up.  Each child’s journey through Nursery is shared through an Interactive Learning Diary which both staff and parents can contribute to. Open sessions each term provide  a chance for parents to spend a morning in the Nursery and get involved in a range of activities that support their child’s skills and learning.  In addition, our termly review process gives individual time for parents and the Nursery staff to meet and talk about their child’s current interests, skills and development.

The Nursery Day The Nursery Day

We offer three different sessions and recommend a minimum of four sessions per week.

  • Morning: 8.30-am – 11.45pm
  • Morning (including lunch): 8.30-am – 12.45pm
  • All day (including lunch): 8.30am - 3.15pm
  • Afternoon: 12.45pm – 3.15pm
  • Afternoon (including lunch): 11.45pm – 3.15pm

Healthy snacks are provided during each session, and a nutritional lunch is freshly prepared at school each day by our fantastic catering team, using seasonal and local ingredients.  

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

In Nursery and Reception we follow an enhanced version of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Within the EYFS there are seven areas of learning, split into two parts:

Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Arts and Design
My Day My Day


I say 'good morning' to Ms Gilbert as I arrive at school.


The bell is rung in the playground and I take part in the whole school 'Wake & Shake'.


I enter the classroom and choose what I'm interested in to start my day.


I sit on the carpet to find out about the day ahead. I choose some activities to work with my teachers based on what we are learning.


Snack Time.


Assembly in the hall with the other classes (where we listen to stories and celebrate our achievements).


Outside playtime.


I head back to the classroom.


I enjoy a delicious and healthy hot meal every day. After lunch I play outside.


Afternoon activities might include forest school, dancing, singing, ICT, art, PE or swimming (for reception only) or learning about the world about us etc.


Before home time we talk about what we have learnt that day and enjoy a story.


Our parents or carers come into the classroom to collect us. We like to show them our work and they enjoy chatting with our teacher.

Transition from Nursery to Reception Transition from Nursery to Reception

Starting school for the first time is a very important milestone for children and their parents.  At King Edward's we know how special this time is.  Most of our Nursery children move into Reception classes in September following their fourth birthday.  We ensure the transition from Nursery to Reception is a smooth and positive experience for all the children.  

Great attention is paid to preparing children for the next step in their education by giving them a love of learning and the confidence to try new experiences.


To help facilitate this, Nursery children enjoy regularly visiting the Reception classroom for an informal story based assembly where they can spend time with the Reception teachers and teaching assistants. The Reception team visit the Nursery to begin to build relationships and play with the Nursery children during afternoons when their own classes are involved in specialist lessons. Lunch at the Pre-Prep is a social occasion and a lovely opportunity for Reception staff to regularly chat with the Nursery children as they enjoy their meal.

An Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) for each child is started when they join Nursery, and continues ‘seamlessly’ through the Reception year. The ILD is used by staff to share with parents their child’s learning journey through the early years using photos, videos and text. Parents are also able to add their own photos and comments to the web-based diary.

Towards the end of the Summer Term teachers visit individual children in their Nursery setting to get to know them and to speak to their key person. This helps our teachers to gain a fuller understanding of each individual child.  If this is not possible, for example, if a child is new to the area, a home visit is arranged.

In addition, children joining Reception are invited to spend the afternoon with their teacher in their new classroom during our ‘Moving Up’ day (Induction Afternoon). Children who are joining Reception from other Nursery settings are invited too. Parents are welcome to stay on site during this afternoon and it is a great opportunity for parents to meet other families and set up summer holiday play dates!

Pre & After School Care Pre & After School Care

Busy working parents may wish to extend their child’s day by making use of our flexible wrap-around early morning (8am – 8.30am) and after school care (3.15pm – 5.45pm) which takes place in Teddy’s Lodge, at school. Run by our own staff, Teddy’s Lodge includes a kitchen and dining area, sitting room with comfy sofas, a conservatory and playroom, and its own secure outdoor play area.


Arrange a Tour

If you would like to arrange a tour of the School, please contact our Admissions team by email or telephone.  Email: [email protected] or Tel: 01225 820399 

We look forward to welcoming you to the School soon.

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