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Sport plays a significant role in the life of King Edward’s School. The School enjoys a strong sporting tradition, where all pupils are encouraged to take an active role in the curricular and co-curricular opportunities available to them.

Each pupil is encouraged to develop their potential, creating the opportunity to allow later involvement at recreational level or within a competitive environment. We aim to nurture teamwork, leadership, commitment and a passion for sport through the opportunities available to all pupils at KES.

We strongly believe that ‘Excellence and Sport for all’ can co-exist, and to promote this we offer A, B and C teams throughout our fixture programme, run a weekly inter-form competition and are also very proud of our success on the regional and national stage. We also value our links within the wider community through our work with Bath Cricket Club, Team Bath Super League, Bath Rugby Academy, Team Bath Buccaneers Hockey Club and our work with local primary schools.

Touring is another important part of our sports programme.  We aim to provide our pupils with the opportunity to participate in at least one major tour during their time at King Edward’s. Previous touring destinations have included Antigua, Barbados, Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Spain and France. A new programme of pre-season tours for senior teams is also in development for our major sports, with destinations likely to include Spain, Holland, Switzerland and France.

The Sports department aims to promote positive attitudes towards physical activity, laying the foundation for all pupils to be able to follow active and healthy lifestyles in the wider community.

Athletic Development Programme Athletic Development Programme

The Athletic Development Programme at KES is designed to make the fundamentals of strength and conditioning accessible to as many children as possible. We want to support our athletes in achieving their potential, whilst also fostering a life-long love of exercise with methods which are efficient, appropriate and fun. In Years 7 & 8 we focus on basic bodyweight control and coordination and primarily use games and obstacles courses. As children move through Years 9 & 10 they are exposed to more advanced progressions of bodyweight exercise and learn the fundamentals of basic barbell movements. In Year 11 and above we allow children to choose and monitor their own programmes and take more ownership of their training.

Athletics & Cross-Country Athletics & Cross-Country

Pupils from all year groups have the chance to represent the School in the local B&NES athletics and cross-country competitions. Those that succeed go on to compete at the Avon Schools, the South-West Championships and finally the English Schools’ Athletics Competition. The School also enters a variety of road and off-road races throughout the course of the year. Many athletes also belong to local athletics and running clubs. KES has its own lunchtime running club which is very popular. It uses the National Trust trails and the canal path as a way for pupils to enjoy time with other students from a variety of year groups whilst encouraging them to work on their overall physical and mental fitness. 

Biathlon Biathlon

Since 2017 biathlon has boomed at KES. We participate in the local competition at the University of Bath, from which a significant number of pupils typically qualify for the National Schools Competitions in November and March. 

Cricket Cricket

King Edward’s School is very proud of its varied cricket programme, not only for its achievements but also for its innovative approach to a programme which has seen some significant developments in recent years, including cricket being played across genders and all age groups.  With a mix of hard ball and soft ball, the programme is both forward thinking and all encompassing. Cricket is predominantly played in the Summer Term, supported by an all-year round programme of indoor matches and training.  The Girls' U15 indoor team recently came third in the Lord Taverners Regional Final. The School typically fields 15 teams from U12 to 1st XI and teams are offered at A, B (and if numbers permit C team level).  At the end of the Summer Term the seniors play in ‘Cricket Week’, which is the highlight of the summer. During this week the school team plays against the MCC, the XL Club and finishes the week playing against a touring side

The cricket programme benefits from an excellent team of committed and experienced coaching staff, including ECB Level 2 and Level 3 coaches. The main themes for cricket in the School are safety, enjoyment, and skill development, whilst building competitive and honest young sports players and teams.

During the Summer Term pupils receive a weekly, two-hour games session at our Bathampton playing fields which focuses on the development of individual and team skills & game awareness. In addition, pupils can participate in a weekly afterschool training session which tends to have an emphasis on preparing teams for fixtures. There has been increased focus on functional movement work with our cricketers, and an increasing provision of S&C opportunities to ensure that they are fit for the stresses that bowling, batting and fielding for long periods of time places upon joints and young bodies.

The School has an excellent relationship with Bath Cricket Club, where we share facilities. We also have several players involved in both District and County Cricket, so our relationship with both Somerset Cricket Board and Somerset Cricket Club is fundamental in moving our cricket programme forward.

The school boasts an indoor hall which includes a 4-lane net system along with an outdoor facility of similar size.

Our cricketing philosophy is simple, to provide an environment, where every player regardless of gender or ability can thrive, learn and enjoy the game of cricket. We also aim to encourage & develop the very best players, so they can compete & perform at county and regional level.

Football Football

Football is played at senior level (Year 11-13) and KES plays competitively running a 1st and 2nd team, enjoying a full fixture list on a Thursday afternoon over the Autumn and Spring terms.  Girls' Football is offered as a recreational activity in senior games and is increasingly popular further down the year groups and there is a lunchtime club for girls to improve their skills and play small-sided games as well.

Football for Years 7-10 is more recreational with coaching and small-sided games being played at lunchtimes.  There is a competitive inter-form competition during the Spring Term and a large number of boys enjoy this competition.

Hockey Hockey

To develop young people with the physical attributes, the mental resilience and strength of character to lead successful and fulfilling lives.”

Pupils at King Edward’s School are passionate about playing hockey. We work very hard to develop highly skilled, physically strong players, who are problem solving, decision makers. Pupils have great fun playing the game and focus on performing to the best of their capabilities, even under intense pressure. Players have a positive attitude and will do all they can to make consistent progress and to get the best from themselves and those around them.

Hockey is played by all pupils at King Edward’s School. The girls play during the Autumn Term, while the boys play in the Spring, between Christmas and Easter. We are committed to offering a wide variety of teams at all age groups from U12 to U18, allowing every pupil the opportunity to represent the school and to experience competitive inter-school fixtures. Further opportunities to enjoy the game come through inter-form matches. The fixture card is balanced, challenging and continues to develop. Our teams enjoy regular block fixtures on Saturdays, with some additional matches being played during the week.

KES hockey teams also enjoy annual participation in the National Indoor and Outdoor Schools Competitions at various age groups. We have achieved increasing levels of success recently, at County and Regional level and aspire to be regular competitors at the National Final stages in the coming years.

The School continues to host the internationally recognised KES Hockey Festival at the end of the Spring Term, hosting boys’ and girls’ school teams from across the British Isles and overseas.

Hockey benefits from a committed and experienced group of staff, that boasts playing and coaching experience at the highest levels of the game. The coaching team continually develop the hockey programme, to give every player the best possible chance of making progress and achieving success. Our focus is on establishing excellent general movement skills, hockey specific skills and an increasing tactical understanding of the game. Overarching all of this is the development of personal resilience, hard work and a keen and respectful competitive spirit.

King Edward’s benefits from an elite class artificial pitch located in the centre of the main site and also makes regular use of two additional artificial pitches at the University of Bath. The School continues to develop links with Team Bath Buccaneers Hockey Club and City of Bath Hockey Club, with an increasing number of pupils representing each club.

The School is proud to see an increasing number of pupils being selected for various stages of the England Hockey Player Pathway and this serves as great inspiration to pupils up and down the School.

International Honours

Bella Lowton Wales U18 2023

Emily Maclean England U18 2021


U18 Indoor Regional Finals

U16 Indoor Regional Finals

U18 Indoor Regional Finals

U18 National Plate Last 16


U18 Indoor County Champions

U18 Indoor Regional Finals

U13T1 Regional Finals

U14T2 Regional Runners Up

U16T3 County Champions

U16T3 Regional Runners Up

U16 Indoor Regional Finals

U18 Indoor Regional Finals

U13T1 Regional Finals

U16T1 National Cup Last 16

U18T2 National Cup Last 32


U16 Indoor Regional Finals

U14T2 County Champions

U14T2 Regional Champions

U14T2 National Runners Up

U18 Indoor Regional Finals

U13T1 Regional Finals


U16 Indoor Regional Finals

U15 (U16T3) Regional Finals

U18T3 National Cup Last 16

U15 (U16T3) Regional Runners-Up

U18T3 National Cup Quarter-Finals



KES Equestrian KES Equestrian

In its early stages, KES Equestrian enters local NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Association) competitions including Dressage, Cross-Country, Show-Jumping and ODEs (one day events) at venues such as Dauntseys, Millfield and Stonar Schools. 

Netball Netball

Netball at King Edward’s is wide-ranging and allows pupils of all abilities to develop their skills, from recreation to performance level. There is a real pride and passion to perform, but alongside this there is a determination to train hard, to work as a team and to realise potential. We are proud of our strong tradition of producing talented netballers and netball teams, consistently performing as one of the top netball schools in the South West.

Pupils are provided with excellent coaching from our own highly qualified and experienced staff, alongside masterclasses with elite players such as Tamsin Greenway and Serena Guthrie. Sessions are skills-based, focusing on technical and tactical development teamed with a sense of fun.

A significant number of pupils participate in the England Netball Performance Pathway in Satellite and County academies, alongside players each year playing for the U17 and U19 Team Bath NPL Squads. Strong links with Team Bath Netball Club and Bath Cougars ensure our pupils access club level sport. We are proud to be Team Bath Netball Super League Sponsors, supporting our local franchise and providing our pupils with fantastic courtside opportunities.

KES hosts tournaments from Junior School to Sixth Form level as part of its pre-season and fixture programme. Touring plays an important part in our programme, from small weekend tours to overseas trips. In recent years netball teams have played netball in South Africa, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands and Barbados.


Rosie Allison                    England U19 (Team Bath Super League)

Jazz Scott                          England U17 (Team Bath Super League)

Tesni Fellows                   Wales U17

Thea Grattidge                England U17

Summer Artman              England U19, England A (Team Bath Super League)



National Finalists 2008/9 (3rd place), 2009/10 (3rd place), 2010/11 (5th place), 2013/14 (12th place), 215/16 (11th place)

2007/8U19 Regional Finals
2008/9U14 County Champions, U14 Regional Finalists, U19 Country & Regional Finals

U14 County Champions, U14 Regional Finalists

U19 County and Regional Finals, 3rd National Schools Competition

2010/11U16 Regional Finals, U19 Regional Finals
2011/12U14 County Champions, U14 Regional Finals, U19 Regional Finals, 5th National Schools Competition
2013/14U19 County Champions, U19 Regional Finals, 12th National Schools Competition
2014/15U14 Regional Finals, U19 Regional Finals
2015/2016U14 Regional Finals, U16 County Champions & Regional and National Finals, U19 County Champions & Regional Final, 11th National Schools Competition
2016/2017U16 County Champions & Regional and National Final, U19 County Champions & Regional Final
2017/2018U16 County Champions & Regional Final, U19 County Champions & Regional Final
2018/2019U19 County Champions & Regional Final
2019/2020U19 County Champions, U19 Regional Finalists
2019/2020U16 County Champions, U16 Regional Finalists

U19 County Champions, U19 Regional Finalists, U14 Regional Finalists




Tennis Tennis

In recent years KES has had an abundance of enthusiastic and talented tennis players. Many of our pupils have been involved with the Team Bath Tennis Programme and Academy from a very young age and they continue to develop their skills and passion for the game as they progress through the school.

During the Summer Term all year groups have access to training, coaching and match play at different times during the week, either during their games session or afterschool clubs.

In terms of competitive tennis, our most talented players at U13, U15 and Seniors participate in the Avon Schools' Doubles and Singles Championship. Our four best players also represent the school in the U13 and U15 Aegon Tennis League.  In recent years, we have won the County round in several age groups and progressed to the National knock-out rounds.  We also provide fixtures against local schools for all age groups throughout the term.

Team & Individual Honours


  • U15 Boys Avon Singles & Doubles Champions
  • U13 Boys Avon Doubles Champions
  • U13 Girls Avon Doubles semi-finalists


  • U15 Boys & U13 Girls both won the Aegon County League Finals
  • Senior Boys Avon Doubles Runners up
  • U15 Boys Avon Singles & Doubles Champions
  • U13 Girls Avon Doubles Runners Up
  • U13Boys Avon Singles Runner Up
  • U12 Girls Avon Singles Champion
  • U12 Girls Avon Singles Runners Up & Doubles semi-finalists


  • The U15 Girls & Boys and U13 Girls 2nd place in their Aegon League Group stage


  • Avon Championship, U14 Boys' Singles & Doubles winners
Rugby Rugby

Rugby has a very strong tradition at King Edward’s School and a great history of success. Focused predominantly in the Autumn Term (although a 7s rugby programme operates in the Spring Term including The National 7’s Competition at Rosslyn Park across all age groups) the School fields up to 15 teams from U12 to 1st XV. Teams are offered at A, B (and if numbers permit C XV or 3rd XV level).

Boys’ rugby benefits from a superb team of committed and very experienced coaching staff, which include RFU Level 2, 3 and 4 coaches. The general focus of all rugby in the School is on safety, enjoyment and skill development, whilst building competitive and honest young sportsmen and teams.

Each year group has the opportunity to attend pre-season rugby sessions at the end of the Summer holidays, and boys have the opportunity for Strength and Conditioning (S&C) work throughout the year. During the Autumn Term, boys receive a weekly two-hour games session at our Bathampton playing fields during the school day, which focuses on the development of individual and team skills, game awareness, and ensuring that our players are contact ready. In addition, boys participate in a weekly after school training session, which tends to have an emphasis on preparing teams for fixtures. The use of video analysis has allowed players a greater understanding of coaching points, patterns of play and skill development, both individually and as a team.

Providing an opportunity for our pupils to tour is an integral part of what we do, ranging from pre-season tours (August 2019 – France) to longer haul experiences as mentioned below. Touring has had a significant impact on the success of KES Rugby in the past two decades, with players of all abilities participating and making major improvements in individual skills, attitude and teamwork.

2020    Canada

2017    South Africa  

2014    South Africa   

2009    Canada

2007    New Zealand & Cook Islands 

2005    South Africa

2003    New Zealand & Fiji     

2000    South Africa

1999    Canada           



Representative rugby in the last decade has been well represented by KES boys at district, regional, academy and national level. Several players have moved on to professional contracts at both Premiership and Championship sides. Notable successes of former pupils include Henry Thomas (Bath Rugby Team and England) and James Caitlin (England U16).



Max Ojomoh              England U18 & 20 & Bath Rugby 1st XV player (2021/22)

Hugh Sloan                Ireland U18                                                   

Jake Oldaker              England U16 & Bath Academy

Guy Mercer               England U16 & Bath Rugby 1st XV player

Chris Goodman         England U18 & Bath Rugby

Ben Roost                 England U16

Antony Morris         England U16

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