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Ava Visits No. 10!

Ava Visits No. 10!
Charity General News

Ava, in Year 7, made a very special trip to London over Christmas, to visit No. 10 for her annual height check against the door.

How did this festive tradition come about?!

Back in 2014, Ava accompanied her godmother to a No. 10 reception, hosted by the then Prime Minster, to see her godmother receive a military medal for bravery.

After having her photo taken in front of possibly the most famous door in the world, a Minister at the time said it was a great alternative to pencil marks on the door frame and suggested that Ava should return each year for an annual height check. And so, a very special Christmas tradition was borne!

During this year's visit, Ava was gifted a bauble from the No. 10 Christmas tree. She now has plans to use this to spark a charitable endeavour at school in time for next Christmas and is already developing an idea with Mrs Lascelles and the charity team. Watch this space!





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Ava Visits No. 10!