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KES Pupils Gather for an Inter-School Philosothon

KES Pupils Gather for an Inter-School Philosothon

Earlier this term, the Religious Studies department took ten pupils from Years 9 to 13 to join other schools from across the Southwest for an inaugural Bath Philosothon at Monkton Combe School. The Philosothon competition follows a Community of Inquiry model which seeks to promote – in a spirit of mutual respect and friendliness – questioning and reflection.

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, it was particularly exciting to see so many young people gathered together ‘doing’ Philosophy. Pupils were placed in groups, and over the course of four rounds, they reflected on, and responded to, topics and themes explored in pre-selected texts and literature. There were conversations on the nature of personhood, what determines continuity in the universe, and the extent to which robots deserve rights. An antidote to social media soundbites, Philosothon requires those taking part to justify their views, disagree with others respectfully, and accept that their own views might come up against challenge!

We were pleased to win third place overall and hope to host a similar event for pupils in Years 7 and 8 in the Summer Term.


Miss Dawes, RS & Philosophy department

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KES Pupils Gather for an Inter-School Philosothon