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KES Pupils Celebrate Outstanding GCSE Results: 90% Grades 9-7!

KES Pupils Celebrate Outstanding GCSE Results: 90% Grades 9-7!
Academic GCSE

Year 11 pupils at King Edward’s are this morning celebrating some outstanding GCSE results, with 90% of entries at grades 9-7. Almost three quarters (74.2%) of entries were at 9 or 8, with close to half being at the coveted top grade 9 (47%). 

As was the case for their A Level peers last week, GCSE pupils have seen this year’s grades set by the exam boards at a point which is part way between those of summer 2019 and summer 2021. Remarkably, the headline outcomes at KES are very close to last year’s Teacher Assessed Grades, reflecting just what a fantastic effort everyone involved in the GCSE process has made, despite the well-documented challenges of the last two years. 

These successes were celebrated across all the subject departments, with notable achievements including two thirds of the 227 entries taken in English (Language and Literature) being awarded a grade 9, a figure almost matched by the 32 pupils who took Drama. 80% of the 54 Latin and Greek entries were at grades 9 or 8, whilst for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments the tally at those levels for the 261 Triple Science entries was a remarkable 85%, definitely a fine way to welcome the imminent arrival of their fantastic new and refurbished laboratories! 

Individual successes for the pupils were many and wide ranging and included nearly a third of the cohort (31%) achieving only 9 or 8 grades in all their subjects. 20 pupils returned 10 or more grade 9s, including 4 who each achieved a straight set of 12. 

Headmaster, Martin Boden, commented: “I am so pleased that our pupils are deservedly able to celebrate some outstanding GCSE results this morning. Like their peers across the country, they have had to overcome the significant disruption of the last two years and have done so with a real sense of engagement and determination in and out of the classroom. I hope that they will now feel able to move confidently into the next stage of their education with a well-placed sense of optimism and ambition. I congratulate them, their teachers and parents on such an impressive effort and wish them all the very best for the future; I am sure that they will go far!” 

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KES Pupils Celebrate Outstanding GCSE Results: 90% Grades 9-7!