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KES Rated 'Excellent' in All Areas in New ISI Report

KES Rated 'Excellent' in All Areas in New ISI Report
Whole School General News

King Edward’s School, Bath is pleased to announce that, following its recent Educational Quality Inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in January 2023, the School has once again been rated ‘Excellent’ in all areas.  This follows a review of the pupils’ academic and other achievements and the quality of their personal development.  The same inspection also found that King Edward’s met all Regulatory Compliance standards.

Commenting on the new inspection report, Martin Boden, Headmaster, said: “I am delighted that the ISI has once again rated King Edward’s as ‘Excellent’ in all aspects of our educational provision, from the wellbeing of our pupils to their academic attainment and engagement with their learning.  During their visit, the inspectors were very impressed by the wealth of opportunities available at KES, as well as the School’s ability to support our pupils in striking the right balance between work, rest and play.”

In relation to the ‘Excellent’ quality of KES pupils’ academic and other achievements, the ISI noted that “pupils’ overall achievement across all age groups is outstanding and represents [the] successful fulfilment of the School’s aim for pupils to strive for excellence,”  adding that “this level of attainment is a consequence of the pupils’ highly positive attitudes to learning, supported by teaching which shows strong subject knowledge combined with comprehensive learning resources.”

The range of opportunities and quality of achievement available to all pupils beyond the classroom were also praised very highly, with inspectors observing that, “pupils’ engagement with the broad and varied extra-curricular programme is outstanding.”  Inspectors commented further that “pupils, both at the junior and senior level, have achieved strongly in team sports,” noting also that “pupils’ performance skills are excellent, supported by the provision of high-quality opportunities to perform in Music and Drama.”

The life skills of King Edward’s pupils, preparing them for a future beyond KES, were also highlighted in the new report, with pupils being recognised as “confident decision-makers”, “highly confident and skilled in their use of information and communication technology”, enjoying “the challenge of problem-solving”, being “successful communicators” and having “strong skills of analysis”, with “well-honed listening skills, supported by a strong school-wide culture of showing respect for the views and opinions of others.”  The pupils were also praised for their proficient scientific, linguistic and numeracy skills, which provide a wide-ranging platform for future career choices.

The School’s ‘Excellent’ rating for the personal development of pupils follows the inspectors’ observations that King Edward’s “pupils are highly self-aware and resilient”, and that this is “intentionally developed through the curriculum by staff from the Nursery onwards.”  Inspectors found that pupils demonstrate an assured and quiet self-confidence, with a deeply embedded sense of public service to both their school and the wider community.  Their respect for diversity and their cultural understanding were also deemed to be excellent. Pupils’ appreciation that good mental health is supported by maintaining an effective balance between work, rest and play was also evident to the inspection team.

Martin Boden commented: “In obtaining the highest accolade for our pupils’ personal development, I was particularly pleased that inspectors were struck by the School’s “consistently supportive relationships, both with peers and staff, creating a strongly cohesive school culture of mutual support” and that the inclusive nature of the KES community is plain to see.” 


The full report is available to read here

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KES Rated 'Excellent' in All Areas in New ISI Report